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May 18, 2012 is committed to helping during difficult times. 

Ask about our unlimited inmate phone service, for institutional/in house/cell block 
cell phones. Toll free and area code of choice numbers available. 
All phone numbers are transferable, and may be used by more than one person.
for the low rate of only $95.00 monthly. Ask about our unlimited e-mail service.
Only $110.00, for 12 months service. Payment accepted, via USPS money order only.
                Unlimited calls to cell phones. No mark-up.
   This is a low cost service for inmates, their families & loved ones.    
                              "Your phone charges just got dropped".
                               Call: 1(801) 415-1961 for information
 Pay for 2 months unlimited inmate calling service and get the third month free.
Unlimited Inmate Calls for Juvenile Offenders:
                                       Unlimited inmate calls only $95.00 monthly.
                                               This is not a company.                             
                           This is a service innovation to assist families reduce the cost 
             of phone calls inmates and their families are forced to pay to keep in touch. 
             Get rid of all your other cell phone accounts. With our network, all you need is our 
             number and a dial tone. Calling is unlimited. This technology works with all carriers.
             Only $95.00 monthly for unlimitd, direct, residential, cell phone, broadband, voip,
              inmate calls.

                                          "Your phone charges just got dropped".  

is This is a service innovation to assist families reduce the cost of phone calls inmates
and their families are forced to pay to keep in touch.      
Add a friend or family member's phone number to the account
for an  additional $15.00 monthly. 
Pay for 2 months and get the third month free. 

        No software or devices. Only $150.00 monthly for unlimited international 
                                                 & domestic calling. 

      We serve all cell phones. All you need is a phone and a dial tone. 
       No set up fees. All upload and activation fees included.
      All calls are unlimited to any country worldwide.
         Call 24/7: 1-(801) 415-1961             
                    No contracts. Pay monthly with a USPS Postal Money Order.       
                    Calls are unlimited.  All fees and activation charges are included in 
                                                      the monthly rate.  
               No devices required. Nothing to pack or set up. Use from any phone.
                                          Call Toll Free: 1-(801)-415-1961 

            Unlimited Inmate Calls only $95.00 monthly.       
          1-(801) 415-1961
   Our phone numbers are exactly the same as the phone numbers issued by 
                  the big telecom's. Our service is available worldwide.
                Our system does not affect your existing telephone service,
                nor does it interfere with the prison system phone service
 We buy the services and resell them to you at our cost.
                           Additional or extended features may be added.
       We remove the profit margin and offer unlimited calls for $95.00 monthly.             
Toll Free On Most Calling Plans:
                                                     1-(801) 415-1961
                                                            Pay monthly. No contracts.

"Bridging The Gap Between Family & Friends"
                                                     Since 2003.     


Call to sign up 24/7.
1-(801) 415-1961
We will e-mail your unlimited inmate calling number to you.
                            Call for sign-up and banking instructions 24/7
                                                     1-(801) 415-1961
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